At age 16-17 I was involved in a crime with my older brother and a guy that I was staying with at the time. They were both older, in their 20s, the charges were felony, conspiracy to commit a felony, and breaking & entering at night.
They both got 6mo. probation. I was tried as an adult 1 year probation and a permanent felony record. They got on with their lives after 6 months and their records clean. Me I still have a rap sheet for that and it damn near ruined my life. I was a follower and made bad choices and was treated like a master criminal. This stopped me from getting back in school, limited my job potential, and severely handicapped any hope for a future in the good ol USA.
It was 17 years ago when finally I was able to take my GED, then about 1995 I learned how to be a computer tech. through a correspondence school in a TV ad. Then I had to work my ass off just to get my foot in the door.
Yes this is a rant and if the people in our court system were not so f@#$%d up I might have had a better chance. Instead I paid for a crime most of my life. I was never put in counseling, had a T or a psychiatrist. I was tested for 1/2 a day and results I was severely depressed and have an IQ of 135.
WTF is wrong with this picture? No positive action was ever taken!

I don't like the fact a 15 yo was even capable of such crimes and there does need to be something done. But prison? He will either die or become even more warped and demented than he is now.
This is a rough topic guys.... sorry I went off, the court system stuff really pisses me off!!!!!!!!

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