I think the problem here is that the kid is a juvenile and is being sentenced as an adult. Juvenile justice, at least for the last 30 years, recognizes, for the most part, that adolescents don't think like adults and juvenile courts were set up to go for rehabilitation rather than punishment.

We are missing a lot of important information. Maybe the kid is 6'3". Maybe he had been previously in sex offender treatment and washed out. Maybe there were some sadistic and heinous aspects of the crime that were not reported in the brief article.

My hope here is not about debating the merits of this sentence with so much information is missing. As someone who has been involved with the treatment of juvenile sexual abusers for a long time, I would expect there to be some extremely sadistic behaviors on the part of this kid, as well as treatment failure for previous offenses to warrant such a sentence. This kind of sentence is really extreme. Even adults who commit murder don't get this kind of treatment.

Main thing is that the vast majority of youth who commit sexual offenses remain offense-free for the rest of their lives. That is documented by a good deal of research in this field.


Blissfully retired after 35 years treating sexual abuse