So tired of hurting
so tired of trying not to hurt and feeling guilty when I do
and, then, not trusting how I feel
not having any right to feel the way I feel

I feel like shit, okay?
is that okay with you?
at least it's honest
at least I didn't say that everything's okay
- and smile – “…that’s fine with me.”
hell, I don’t even know who “me” is!

I do that quite a bit, when I feel like shit
it's what they need
but, I still feel like shit, I'm just smiling now

Shoot me another pill, will you?
I'm obviously a quart low on something!
the mix is off
long live the mix
I don't feel, I brew

“…add another this or that.”
“that'll fix it!”
“…you have Dysthymia!”
- and that was worth $160 hour?

Couldn't be my brother stuck his dick up my ass
a night or two
- or two hundred
it just doesn’t fucking matter
take twenty-two of these and call me
- in about a month or two

Admit that it felt good -
or does now -
hell, I might as well cut my myself!
well, to be honest
I tried that too

I'm down
I'll get over it
I always do
but, oh, this hurts, you know!
like a dark wind came along
carrying a noxious cloud
- it sucked everything out of me that mattered

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I bid you Peace.


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