Is it possible that we actually 're-feel' things that have happen in the past? I do not mean as the 'body memories', or feelings during panic attacks.

I have been sick for a while, and maybe that make it more that I am having bad dreams. But it is like, what happen in the dream, it is I feel it when I wake up? Like, I was dreaming of one time, my old coach, he get angry with me and he take this thing off his desk, the thing that have the pencils and pens go in it, and he is just yelling at me and hitting me in the head and face with this thing. And I am thinking, what hell, this man is crazy, I have done nothing bad. But I am having this bad dream, and wake up, and it is like it is still with me, I wake up with this bad headache. And it like continues through. Another time I am dreaming of being chocked, and wake up with my throat sore. And it last, it is not just for short time after I wake up, it last longer.

It keep going in circles, because it all make me lose sleep, and not sleep as good. Then I feel more panicked, and get scared to sleep, which make me dream more and sleep worse all over again. I have been doing this 'healing' thing enough, I just think this is crazy, it should not be this bad right now, and I do not know why, or if even anyone else have this happen to them.