it doesn't really matter, i think, to say in detail what brought this on - everyone has their limits, or should, anyway. mine's been reached is all.

i tried to tell him at this point, i'd brought everything i could to the table, that he should be aware of how much i love him, of how much i cared and always would. i told him that at this point, he needed to bring something to the table now, that it was his turn, that i couldn't do this anymore the way it is now.

i said something, also, about how i felt there was a little boy inside of him, just wanting so bad to come out, and he was fighting so hard to protect him.

funny, me, i'm usually such a crier, this time i'm as dry eyed as one can be. just sort of numb, maybe. i've cried so much over him, guess the well has dried up, for a while at least. no doubt there will be a memory here or there that'll catch me off guard.

anyway, don't know how much longer i'll be posting, probably just drift off or something. i do know i couldn't have lasted this long w/o all of you. i do know that maybe, just maybe, because of all of you i was able to get through to him and just maybe, he'll get the help he so desparately needs; at least he knows it's out there now, that's got to be some consolation.

enough drama already.
got things to do, people to see, places to go, right?

he was the one, tho, he was the one.

all the best,

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