Images of a childhood
dance like shadows
cast by candle light
I beg they be not a
silhouette of my mind

Like drowning in a shallow pool…
I sleep just below the surface
I kick and jerk to breakfree
as my silent screams echo
in my head

Days spent trying to forget
nights wasted trying to rest
peace seems so elusive

For so many sleep is an escape
but for me it is no refuge -
it is neither refreshing or relaxing
I awake raked by guilt and shame
for events perpetrated on a boy
that haunt the world of Morpheus

Recollections of my physical reactions
to such heinous acts
make me doubt my role in this
play of the historical accuracy

Alas - this day grows old
and once again my eyes grow heavy
and the foreboding starts
what torments with this night hold
as I slip again into the darkness

I bid you Peace.


The time is always NOW. Breath In. Breath Out. Move On.