Nailing my emotional coffin
was easily done by some
Not knowing if I was alive or not
and the effects of what they had done

They poked and prodded and laughed at me
Disregarding my whimpering tones
Their loving and laughing among themselves
Spitting on my little boy moans

I found that I had an invisible place
Underneath their frolicking fun
I could hear their voice; their shadow’s there too
And their presence blocked out the sun

But I found I could glide with barely a sound
summoning not even the tiniest crowd
The comfort I felt was the best I could ask
The adjective on their faces was “proud”

But they hadn’t noticed outside of themselves
I would walk with their God at night
touching his hem, taking his hand
his gift was a constant small light

And that light has increased over all of these years
I believe that no end is in sight
And the joy that I feel when I think of us all
facing God; all three knowing what’s right

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I'm a freeman now, his authority's dead
no pain monger lies in my comfortable bed!