in another post its shown that there are different types of abusers ,my question is are there different types of victims? if you fought is that different from someone who liked it?if you just froze is that differtent? do victims go through stages just like the abuser does? for me untill it took physical violence to get him off and before we he did anal to me ,i'll admit i liked it ,in fact i went back time after time because i liked it. i missed it when i didnt have it ,what kind of victim does that make me? willing? yes it's still abuse but i did go along , shit guess this is a stupid question ,if i liked it then why am i here crying now? sorry maybe i dont belong here after all,because i have no excuse like ,well i needed love or attention ,or i was replacing my dad with my abuser, i didnt think or care i just wanted the sex ,in a way maybe i perped him , he started something but i kept it going . do kids at 12 or so need sex? i know i did so maybe it was me that wasn't normal . i was an abuser's dream come true .

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