Iv'e had to put up with shame all my life and now im in a fuckin relationship that almost reached(although it's still early and anything can happen) the breaking point and i'm always the one who seems to shut down as a result of my fiancee who has her own issues.

The northeast is being clobbered by heavy snow ,we're in the car for over 2 1/2 hours and i got to the point of no patience and frustrated i decided to roll down my window ever abruptly and told someone to pull up and blah blah blah...my fiancee looks over at me and says "you have a fuckin nerve" i'm telling you i wanted to spit right in her fuckin face but i kept my mouth shut.

She seems to think she didn't shame me i believe otherwise and she's not going to say whatever she likes,i've been shamed all my life and i told her i will not put up with it from you.

I am ready to throw in the towel(end the so called relationship) and call it a day i am tired of her saying the things she does and,according to her,then keep my mouth shut as though i have no right to say or think what i want.

Who knows why she has the ability(although it's a friggin copout)to say she's just fine when i know she's not but i could have easily told her to screw.

Anyway whatever.


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