When I "just get over it" will it suddenly stop hurting
Will that heavy place in my chest suddenly go away
Will I not cry at odd times, not knowing why tears are streaming down my cheeks
Will I not envy/be happy for/be fearful for laughing children all at the same time

When I "just get over it" will I forget he didn't love me
Will the look of disappointment in his eyes go away
Will I forget that he never said he loved me
Will I be able to walk by my closet without seeing myself hiding there inside

When I " just get over it" will the drugs I'm on for depression suddenly not be necessary
Will I suddenly develop wonderful self-esteem
Will my sexuality suddenly be clear to me
Will I not be shy, not be afraid of men

When I "just get over it" will daisies spring up around my feet when I walk
Will the sun come out bright every single morning
Will birds sing sweetly as I go out to get into my car to go to work
Will everyone smile and wave to me as I drive down the street

Hmmmm............sounds really good to me

I think I'll "just get over it"

I'm healing now, and I wasn't sure I would.