I'm looking to listen, share experiences and give support with other male survivors in the Twin Cities area. I can't find a group for this and I'm even considering organizing one. I know of people who have done it and have some ideas about it.

I know of:
SNAP once a month,
The Men's Center,
Adult Children of Sexual Dysfunction (no contact info)

None of these are the weekly, 6 or more men support oriented kind of group I think I want. I guess I was hoping for something free, i.e. peer leaders. So:

Any other groups I should know about?
Contact me (post here or PM) if you'd consider joining so I can gauge interest if I try to start a group.

Et par le pouvoir d’un mot Je recommence ma vie, Je suis né pour te connaître, Pour te nommer

And by the power of a single word I can begin my life again, I was born to know you, to name you

Paul Eluard