Hi All!

I just wanted to share a website that me and my CSA BF listened to this morning while we were having our Saturday morning breakfast together.

First, I would like to add that we were introduced to this church in early October 2007 when we went to Albuquerque New Mexico to the balloon fiesta. My cousin and her husband live there so while visiting we attended church with them on Sunday morning and this is their church.

My BF and I attend a church similar to this in our nearby town, but find it is always helpful to listen to the message from other pastors as well.

I know that my BF sometimes has a hard time believing that he can be loved in the eyes of God, wondering why this terrible childhood sexual abuse happened to him, etc., etc.

The message this morning really helped him to think that God was put through a lot in his lifetime here while walking on this earth....as you hear in Todd's pod from his sermon "The Event That Split Time."

Christmas can sometimes be a hard time of the year for a lot of people, especially those that have no family, no job, no one to talk to, someone experiencing the pain of the abuse that happened so many years ago that they had no control over, etc.

As I drive around this Christmas season and I too see the plastic mangers in people's front yards, I pray that instead of asking myself....what do they do with these manger scenes all summer long?.......I will look at it in an entirely different light and instead say....this really did happen!

God truly did experience all of the pain that we as his children go through in our lives.....he died on that cross so that we can all be freed from our sins....and so that we can have him walk with us each day of our lives if we so choose to hold our hands out and ask him to walk with us.

May all of you find even just a bit of peace this Christmas season knowing that he is there....you are not alone...even though at times you think you are!

The website if you are so inclined to listen is:


Todd's Podcast - December 1, 2 "The Event That Split Time"