ok, am sick of this; don't like wallowing in selfpity but sometimes one just needs to i think - is the reason i don't like feeling pity for others is i think we should all feel for ourselves once in a while - then pick ourselves up and carry on, right?

so here goes - i'm challenging you all to share something that really makes you feel bad for yourself - honestly - really really bad - and then you can sob and weep and frown and sulk all you want - and we'll just have it for ourselves - NOT for our survivors - just to remind ourselves that our lives, while not necessarily that of a survivor of csa (tho i know some of you are that also!!) - matter, that we, too, have our own pain, and we, too, must learn to heal as well.

whataya say fnf?

of course i'll start off sharing first since i opened the thread:

during a recent posting exchange, i realized the 2 older brothers i grew up with, well, i just can't remember ever having been hugged is all. i do remember a lot of physical battering, and verbal abuse, and destruction of my personal property; but for the life of me, i swear, i don't think they ever hugged me; and yes, this has continued into adulthood, we don't really speak unless absolutely necessary. maybe once every 3-4 years?

ok, c'mon and let's see who can do better.... \:\(


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