i was watching this movie a little while ago and this boys got sent to a reform school for killin some guy by accident. actually they pushed this guys hot dog cart and it ran him over. ooops. i thought it was funny, but u can kinda see my sense of humor. anywayz, everything is goin along good in the movie until some guards take the four boys into a room in the basement. i think i kinda knew what was gonna happen, but i kept it on for a lil while longer. then i freaked out. the movie didnt show anythin but ya still kinda knew what was happenin.
when i get scared i start shakin and i cant stop and unfortunatly i cant hold my pee either. i was freaked out sooo bad and i'm kinda relivin it in my head now. i hate this feelin soooo much. i hate feelin scared all the time and i cant even watch a movie without loosin it. i dunno. guess its kinda dumb.