what do you do when all you can think of is "it hurts"? i know it's bad right now cuz of the time of year and the approaching holidays and all. it's always bad the last 3 months of the year - like it takes all that time to recoup from my birthday or something. i see my T and i'm ok for a few hours. i go to group and i'm ok for a few hours. but the rest of the time, MOST of the time, i hurt. muscles, joints, head, eyes - you name it - i hurt. i hate feeling like this but i know nothing's gonna help except just getting through it. i'm hoping that posting this might help a little cuz i'm at least vocalizing it. but i doubt it will do any good. nothing ever does.

i'm just tired of it hurting. and "tired" doesn't even come CLOSE to the feeling. it's just the only word i know that even hints in the right direction.