so today was the day. i woke up and wanted to get my christmas tree. the last couple of years i usually just put up my small fake one. but i decided this year i was going to get a real one. so i wake up all excited and realize it is pouring. i live in phoenix... the desert.. it doesnt rain here. so i was pissed it chose MY TREE day to rain. so it stopped this afternoon so i get in the car and drive to target. (this is the desert... we cant trudge throught he snow and cut down our own. pine trees are completely unnatural.) so i get to target and realize i forgot my wallet. so i go home to get it. as im pulling into the target parking lot the second time, it begins to pour. so i figure i will shop around inside and get some other stuff while it is pouring and then go out and pick out my tree as soon as it lets up. so i do that. get the usual shit i need from target, pay, and take it out to my car. the rain stops. oh boy! so to the garden center i go. i ask the guy where the tree stands are and he says inside. so i go inside to grab one, and come out and its pouring again. so i say fuck it. and stand out in the downpour picking out the perfect tree... as perfect as i could see because they are already bound. i basically looked for a good height and strong trunk. so i grab the tree and haul it to the register. pay for it and truck it to my car.. the rain is now coming down sideways. keep in mind i am A. a faggot B. i parked ass far away from the garden center door because taget was crowded. so here i am, dragging my tree across the parking lot with the rain going sideways. i get it into my car and im all filthy, soaked, and freezing. i drive home and since i live on the ground floor of my apt bulding, i chuck the tree over the wall onto my balcony. i figure its better to let it dry off out there then in my apt. i then read the instructions on the base.. "make a fresh cut into the trunk" hmmm okay... so i go inside and get out my craft saw and start hacking it off. a half hour and 2 blisters later it was off. and in the base. so i cut off the ropes around it and it opened up. and its practically perfect. there are a few wonky branches and a couple of bare spots but i love it. i just finished putting the lights on it and it looks so beautiful. i knew today was the perfect day to do it. it smells so good. im blaring christmas music now. it was a good day.