Soapy bubbles,

No my BF and I have no children together. The children I was speaking about are his from his first marriage, ages 23 and 28.

I don't see much of a relationship issue here as his brother the perpetrator and his children are all in 3 different states and as far as I know they don't even communicate with one another.

But I guess it is his brother, their uncle, and from what I am gathering on this site, it is his decision to make as to when he confronts his perpetrator as well as when he discloses to any of his family what happened.

I just hope and pray, knowing that his brother the perpetrator has a son and now a grandchild, that no one else has or is being hurt by this person because no one knows what he has done in the past.

But, I guess this is none of my business.

Thank you for your reply however.