Yesterday we had our families at our home. My mom and Grandma along with my BF's parents. As of now and I suspect for the rest of his life I will be the sole person he will have disclosed to minus his T. I could be wrong but I'd safely bet he won't go further than me and tell anyone else. Anyway, with the family stuffed and resting before dessert, my bf's father asks if we would want to watch some very old footage of him (the dad) growing up. My bf's abuser was his adopted uncle (his father's brother). I cringed! What if Uncle ________ was in these photo's.

I whispered to my bf telling him he's got to find something to do without disrespecting his Dad if his uncle appears in this video. He agreed. Well we were saved in the fact that we no longer have a VHS recorder only a DVD. I told him someone must have been watching over him and keeping him safe.

Trust me though when I tell you this will resurface again and it won't be in the comfort of our home, maybe over Christmas at his family's home.

Any suggestions on how to avoid this. My bf's father is a wonderful man and very sensitive guy, he would be devistated to know of his brother and the abuse. My bf would would never disrespect his dad and walk out of the room and not come back.

what to do???

means selfless love of one person for another
without sexual implications
(especially love that is spiritual in nature)