Quiet holiday this year with friends and nearby family, but these are the thanks I really want to say:

  • Thanks to everyone here who heard my first frightened tries to share my story, who put an arm around me with their words. You've helped me believe in myself a lot more and still give me the courage to peer into the shadows.
  • Thanks to the guys sharing their story here for the first time (or the second or the third). I hope you know how much you're honoring us with your trust. You've helped me remember the power of finding our voice.
  • Thanks to the men who've gotten hurt here, and made the decision to keep coming back and find their own level of trust. You've helped me stick around, too.
  • Thanks to the guys in my healing circle, and to Tom for getting it going! I've always come out with an amazing sense of peace: "They get it. They understand!" Different stories, but so much we've shared. Never posted how great I think you guys are.
  • Thanks to the mods for all their work, tough decisions, and support. The world needs more high-tech traffic-cop/mediator/detectives with such big hearts!!!
  • Thanks for the Internet doing what it does best -- bringing people together. I'd be talking to a journal without this place, and that was getting pretty lonely!
  • Thanks for the folks who've nudged me gently to go find a T. As Larry put it, "it's not a do-it-yourself project." Thanks in advance for keeping on nudging me!
  • Thanks for having different points of view, for disagreeing, for listening to each other. I didn't learn much about healthy conflict in my past.
  • And one for me--thanks to that brave kid who didn't get shattered, to that core of my being that remained solid and true--thanks to the teen who carried all that pain that wasn't his -- to the young man trying to teach himself how to live in the world--to the older man learning to forgive himself and keep learning.

Thanks, guys.