I ams seeing a counsellor and on meds for depression, now ive got an appointment with the primary mental health care nurse for an assesment. This appointment is for Thursday and im dreading it.
I will have to talk about my abuse and all the problems that im having. It has taken me about ten visits to the counsellor to open up to him. Ive dissed on him and broke a chair in his office, now ive got to talk to a mental health nurse and im scared. What happens if i diss on her or become violent. Ive been sectioned once before.
Ive kept away from ms because ive been going through paranoid feelings, one minute im ok then the nexted i get stressed and very paranoid. I did not want to drop all my shit on you at ms.
Im trying to keep a lid on my thoughts and emotions. I dont want to feel like this anymore.
Sorry for rambling, but my life is very stressed, i told my doctor that the meds are doing nothing for me and he just put me on another month of the same meds.