So, we are seeing a new therapist. One who says he can see what really happened "that night". He told my husand that he really wanted to fuck (I can't believe I types that word) the girl and that he was just trying to mitigate his experience. My husband cried throughout and said that wasn't true. He said that he emotionally fled. He was pressed by the T to say that, "Your dick was inside 'her name here', and all he could say was, "Not by choice." The T said that him being his size and her being her size that was impossible, and the only way he would have fucked her is if her wanted to. Even, if he says, my husband wanted to at first and then changed his mind. This therapist tells me that my husband is someone who cheated and got caught.
Ugh!!! On one hand, having him say, "I fucked up, can you get past it or not," would be a relief, as he says it would make him feel "human," on the other hand, I want to believe that she could do this TO him, with him being unresponsive, or disassociated, because that gives me more stability. Who is right? It's true, she was smaller, he could have stopped her, but he maintains that he DIDN'T want it. He fled. Wasn't there.

Ugh. Ugh. How does a man get raped by a "woman" Is the therapist right, or should we find a new one?