I see a lot of poems around here, they are pretty sad. I thought maybe you guys would like to hear a little more upbeat, so i'll give it a shot.

Can't beat me

Screw em all cant keep me down
Piss on my dreams and you can watch me smile
As i keep on burning

The girls turn thier heads away
The guys call you a fag
Laugh in thier face
Because they cant break you

Tommorow is another day
And i have tasted just enough blood
To make it to tommorow

Im not afraid of your god
Your nightmares are my daydreams
Life is suffering
And I'm not afraid to live

OK i guess that wasn't quite as positive as i started out with, but still. I guess i'm a bit of a rebel at heart. Sometimes my beliefs make me feel more isolated than my past. But i hope somebody liked it.