Hello I recently stumbled upon this website, just a back story about my situation when I was 13 my uncle masturbated me after inviting me to watch pornography. For about 10 years I ignored these actions and kept them hidden, until a girl from work told me she was molested and this has triggered my memory, and I have recently being extremely bothered by his actions.

Not so much for my sake, but my family and his family are fairly close and my 14 year old sister sleeps over there on occasion (he has a daughter the same age)

My dilemma is I am concerned about my sister, I do not wish to see my sister going through the same things the girl I work with does. Bearing that my younger brother is 19 and is also employed by my uncle for work, my mother also has some major stress issues for something unrelated. So if I was to come out it would destroy my brother's work and absolutely devastate my mother, not including the affects this would have on my Aunty and her kids. So what do I do?

I am also concerned with approaching my sister as if abuse has occurred I don't think she would be honest with me and I do not wish to disclose the fact of what happened 10 years ago to her.

Any advice as I am so confused on what to do
Thank you