I am new to this site and thought I would share. I wrote this while in "rehab" and beginning my start on the path towards recovery. I am not one for censorship, so here it is....

"The Habitual Flesh Companion" - 10 Easy Installments

1st - Tear off and annihilate your soft garment of self-worth.

2nd - Bend over to my soul's desire.

3rd - Moisten your dark abyss that shadows your caves solitude.

4th - Spread open wide; prepare yourself for the once said "plunge".

5th - Breathe in deeply; exhale all you thought to be true.

6th - Don't fight, feel me inside you, your "free will" has been forsaken.

7th - Accept me through your gates to eternity, I'm a constant protagonist, a cancer of your consciousness.

8th - Let me drain out; wipe my unjust juices away.

9th - Adjust me in your sights; ask me to remove a layer from one of my many faces.

and 10th - Bend back over your blackened desk, I WILL FUCK YOU EVERYTIME!!

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