You know, I have talked about my son a lot.... But I also have a beautiful daughter (17yo). I am getting to bless her as a young woman. It has been bittersweet watching her grow up. I was the only one she would allow to "bounce" her to sleep when she was a baby. I was the one who did her hair up in cute little pony tails every morning. God, I really miss those days! BUT, I still give her that daddy hug every day and tell her I love her. Surprisingly, she has not shut us out like many teenagers do with their parents and continues talks to us about her friends and her "boyfriend(s)" and I consider that a great honor... and I get to support, affirm, cry and laugh with her ... and tease her a bit... about some of her stuff. Anyway, I am rambling.. only to say... father and daughter relationships are JUST AS IMPORTANT. I have learned from my own broken relationship with my dad, just how important it is to nurture, affirm, support and bless my children. That is the one good thing that has come out of my childhood pain.

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