I've come to accept my limitations. My support structure (family) has been very understanding and supportive. I have a VERY negative view of myself, being as which I'm able to accomplish so little whilst others just seem to "progress" through life, landing careers, raising healthy families, etc., etc.

Mid? Are YOU being accepted as an abuse survivor? Are YOU being understood as to why you're not "making it" or able to "get your shit together"?

Let me tell you something, if you do bring the subject up with anyone as to why you're not able to fulfill your own expectations, their FIRST response BETTER be of the nature "You've got VERY GOOD reasons to not be succeeding", or something to that effect. If the people that you've shared your abuse history in your life can't understand the insidious nature of what you're struggling with, you may wish to consider cutting them out of your life for now, cuz the LAST thing you need is family that refuses to try to look at life through the foggy lenses of sexual abuse.