Yes, I have gone for extended periods without masturbation and sexual intercourse with my wife, of course, with her agreement and understanding. What I experienced was a period of "withdrawal" in which by physiological mechanism adjusted and balanced out. I experienced my first nocturnal emission as an adult during this period of my sexual healing. It also afforded some awesome non-sexual intimacy with my wife, which played a role in increased intimacy and an improved sex life once the period of abstinence ended (LOL, we need to do this again!). But, I believe the overall benefit was coming to an understanding of sex truly being optional in my life. In other words, it is not something I have to have. It shifted it from a "have to" to a really being "icing on the cake" as we experience intimacy in our relationship. There is probably more that I cannot think of... I will add it to the thread if I remember some more.