Rik, I am replying to you in this thread, as I have not read the original post, but you are not the only one who is restrained by the judiciary of this country.

They tell the kids to report abuse, but then its a legal nightmare for the kids involved, in the present, or on representation of past abuse which calls for so much more involvement of the legal process.

Do we tell the kids not to report it? No we don't, because we don't have to, society tells kids not to report it, by not prosecuting abusers through loopholes, or needing exact dates etc.

Is this any different in the circumstances that kept us quiet as kids?
NO! I reported my abuse as a kid, and was seen as some pervy kid at the time, so that is what really kept me quiet.

If I was treated as a hurt child, it would have been different, but there was nowhere to turn, and that made me feel it was somehow my own fault.

Society is all for stiff penalties for CSA, but it is so hard to prove a case, when you can be seen as complicit with what happened to you.

Let's face it, society wonders why? You did not tell.
But society does not realise the trauma an abused kid goes through, but it does make us stronger, even if we really want to feel weak sometimes!

I am guessing yr abuser has moved by now?
He will be judged when he dies, and you can dance on his grave,


Whoever stole the Sun, put it back and we'll drop all the charges!