OK guys need some help with something. I'm going to post this here. If it's in the wrong place sorry and please move it. So here it goes.

Im going to try to give a short background but hope its not much. I was married to the woman who my ex for just over 18 years. And Ive been divorced for just about 4 years. Durning the marriage there were a ton of issues (yeah go figure, right?LOL) anyways one of the issues was my sexuality. She knew I liked men. Well early on she told me to make a choice either men or her and my family (I have 3 children). So I picked my family. Issue went unresolved even though I wasnt seeing any men. The divorce was peaceful enough, I wanted she didnt but she didnt fight it. Over the last four years I have had a ton of phone calls with her in which she is crying and telling me she wants me back. Wants to give it another try, shes changed, shes not the same person she was, etc. see just before we were divorced she used information I trusted in her about my past just for the soul purpose of hurting me to the core of my soul and it worked it did. Over this last summer I spent a ton of time on the phone with her listening to how much a failure I am as a husband/father/man. So anyways, I am moving to the town she lives in so I can support my son while he goes too school. And I have desided to date a man when I get moved. I have told all my kids and they are ok with it. However my ex is freaking out on me. She tells me Im being disrespectful to her, that I should at least give her the respect she diserved while being married and NOT move to her home and flaunt this lifestyle around her. I tried to explain to her that this move isnt about her no matter how hard she wants to make it about her, its about me supporting my son while hes in school. She wont let him live with her because of her beliefs (which I do not fault her for, they are hers and she is intitled to believe what she wants). But my son has a g/f and they are not married so he cant live with her while living in sin. The reason she is living there is because he was going to live with her, but over time her choices have changed to where thats not going to happen for our son. So in steps dad to make sure he has the support he needs to finish school. Its only 9 months. She wants me to move any place else and try to support two households honestly I dont make enough to do that. She tells me Im being selfish and only thinking of myself. That if I move to her home I will distroy any and all progress she has made in her recovery. We have been planing my move down there most of the summer and she didnt have any issues till this came out. Shes a survivor as well and has a very hard time dealing with the divorce. She is in a good place right now, seems happy with her life, starting to move forward and let go of some of the past not all but some. So shes telling me if I do this I will distroy her and her progress and she doesnt think she will recover from it. What I am asking is this: Am I being selfish? I dont think so because my reason for moving has ZERO to do with her. Its about me being there for my son and supporting him while hes in school. I mean this is the first time I am going to date a guy, does she really think I want to be anywhere around my ex-wife while Im doing this. Am I just not seeing it? Any advice is needed.



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