So some of you here know me------some dont----------i kinda come and go---------------from this place------------i need feedback---------------i got a new t-------------i was excited--------------she seemed to know what i was talking about-------------------well the last session----last friday-----------she askes me what i am doing thanksgiving day-------------i said nothing -probley sleep------------------she wants me to do a volantury thing-helping others--------------i wasnt to sure about this---------------------changes my routines ect-----------well she saids if i dont do what sghe saids----------------------then we can not continue to work together-------------so shje instilled fear in me-----------i must do this---------------so i said ok------------------------but now after thinking about this-----------------i dont like beeing threatened---------------i thought this recovery was about ones own pace-------------i have to take off work early to see her---------wich is costing me a 100 dollars a week-----------pluss i am paying her 325 a mounth------------------------------so this is a pretty good finanical lost---------------------------------i am thinking screw her-----------------i will just do trhings on my own---------------------this whole recovery stuff is bull shit anyways----------------i will never be like -quote--normal people-------------i just need to live with the hand i was dealt-------------------so any opinions will be appricated--------------thanks--steve