there is a lot of positive energy on this site. guys coming together. sharing. growing. lately i have felt the limitations of it tho. i feel like i dont fit in the cookie cutter mold of "survivor." i often have a view point that isn't nessisarily the norm and because of that, i feel like i always get shit for it. i know i am a smart guy. im a rational thinker and form my own opinions and dont just accept everyone else's. this is something i have always prided myself in. here, it seems a lot of guys operate with "survivor glasses" and fail to see the big picture. there is a whole world outside the rhelm of abuse. i am lucky enough to see it. when i express thoughts and opinions of my own, please dont shit on them. you don't have to agree. hell, i dont agree with half of your points of view but i don't think i make you all feel like less of a survivor because i don't i don't agree. if i have, i appologise because i didn't realize it. so please use the same respect on me. we have a lot to learn from eachother. don't lash out at me because i might not have the same view as you. if everyone thought the same way, nothing would ever get accomplished.