Hey Coop

I don't respond to most of your posts because I can't even identify with hardly any of your issues that you've raised thus far. Do other members here even know your story or where you're coming from? As I recall, I had to PM you to ask what your story was and/or who your abuser was. You speak of your abuse, and hope for input, but you post rather here sporadically, and people come and go here all the time, most of the active guys on this board probably have no idea who you are. I am one of the few that has stayed here in the last two years that I've been coming here. Of the members that were active one year ago today, I would venture to say that a good 85% of them have left for one reason or another. In short, you need to post here more often if you want more input, be it your own posts, or in replies to others.

From your other post, http://www.malesurvivor.org/board/ubbthreads.php?ubb=showflat&Number=190624&page=1#Post190624 , you ask:
"We're all older now and seeing they both see and deal with essentially all the trauma and crime that are committed in society to think that it's happened and unable to do anything about it does it scare them,will it always be this way(they're both fairly new on the department(4years and 3yrs repectively)and although no one can definitively answer this loaded question i am simply wondering can this csa bring us closer seeing one of them is married with a child or otherwise keep their distance because not sure with themselves as a result of the abuse they know all about from their parents.

Finally both of their parents were like mom/dad to me and i had lots of issues as a kid therefore is it safe to say my family is still in denial or am i overthinking this however i have seen the avoidance and distance they keep afterall what do i expect,for them to come running to me and comfort and nuruture me.....i'm feeling real neglected although want to desperately be accepted....who knows i guess it is what it is and until "time" heals all wounds i believe "it" will never be the same."

Coop, you're putting this in a way too convoluted context for me to answer. I don't know these people, I don't their personalities, their histories, their likes, their dislikes, I don't know if you disclosed to them, I don't know hardly anything at all about these people, I don't know if you're currently on speaking terms with them, I don't know if they outright deny the abuse that you put up with, and you're asking us to help you do..........WHAT? What do you want us to say about them? In the way that you describe your situation and relationships with these people, and along with the meandering de>