I did not know how to say this when I first came back to the site.

so I will just keep it simple. I got back from the Hospital a little while ago, and to be fully honest, It was the best healing experience of my entire life!

I Learned more about my self in 9 weeks than I did since I began my "recovery."

I would highly recomend it to everyone.

In the begining when I first got there It was really painful, all I wanted to do was leave, but I stuck it out. I'm so glad that I did, words cannot begin to descibe it.

I am in shock to learn what has happened lately here with some of the people I trusted so much. I feel really angry and hurt by it. It is really upseting, but I don't want to stir up this since the healthy thing seems to be to let it go.

I just want to say that I am terrible sorry that I missed the conferance. I really wanted to go and had planned on going. I had paid for it and planned to go, but because I had done so well at the hospital, my mom was afraid that it would some how negate what I had acomplished there and would trigger me too much.

I guess her concern was reasonable but because of the way she felt, I was unable to convince her to let me go to it, and so I was not allowed to go.

I would have so liked to meet some of you and had planned on doing so with some of you and for that I am truely sorry. My mom has promised to let me go to the next conferance, where ever it might be, but then again she promised to let me go to this last one, and broke her promise. i understand her concern but I am really angry about her decision and the result of it!!

Oh well. There is not much I can do about it now.

I just hope that those who went had a wonderful experience and it was good for you.

I just want to say that I am doing fairly well in this struggle and hope that you guys are doing ok in it as well.


"Terrible thing to live in Fear"-Shawshank Redemption
WOR Alumnus Hope Springs 2009
"Quite a thing to live in fear, this is what is means to be a slave"
-Blade Runner