I am new here and I will apologise for my english language because it's not my first language. Reading one of the previous topics I was thinking about the age when you can distinguish the bad intentions that older people could have toward you. I remember clearly that at 13 we were aware of the bad sexual intentions that older people could have had!We experienced incidents of this nature, for exemple:when I was 13, I was playing in a soccer court with my friends and when the game finished somebody, a court worker that we met at this court before, approached me and for a bit grazed me in the backside. In a fraction of second I rebeled and went way throwing stones on him understanding his intentions.
My point is that at 13 we were pretty aware about negativ sexual approaches of older people and we could have rejected them unless the force was use. Do you have the same opinion that at age 13 you have the consciousness to distingiush the bed sexual intentions of older people?