I've been a member for awhile. But I'm posting for the first time; I was at the conference a couple of weeks ago and am trying to find ways to keep the good energy that came from it.

I missed a meeting yesterday when someone gave me the wrong floor of a building. I didn't have my cybernetic hip implant (i.e. Blackberry) with me, so I didn't have a way to call in. When I got home and retrieved the silly little device, my boss had emailed me, understandably not knowing what had happened, and was wondering where I was. I, of course, immediately get pissed about this (Ok, that's my shit), and send an email explaining the situation and then call her. I proceed to get the lecture about having the stupid Blackberry with me, and I'll cede that point, but I'm trying to point out that I called my contact repeatedly and he had turned his phone off, so I couldn't get the right location for the meeting, and I get from her, sarcastically (my boss is extremely sarcastic), "Ok, so just take the beating and listen."
At this point I'm about ready to throw the fucking thing through the window. But if course, instead of being able to just chuckle about it and move on, I end up feeling miserable and acting out (i.e. watching porn, etc.) It is such a struggle when stuff like this happens and I make an honest mistake not to internalize it and repeat the victimization.
Just blowing off steam is helpful in this forum, but any advice to offer?