I have a question, because I want to know what happened to me. I think maybe it was a panic attack.

Last night I was going out to see a friend perform at a comedy club, and me and my girlfriend were driving out there to see him. The thing is, I didn't prepare so I didn't know exactly where the club was, only the general intersection. As a result, when we got there it was already 10 till, and after 5 after, they won't let anyone else into this place. Anyway, I called the club, found out where the place was, and as my gf drove us over there, she was complaining at me about how it was my fault for not preparing. I started bitching back at her, and before I knew it we were in a full-fledged fight over a pretty stupid thing. But hey, this happens right?

What happened next is what my question is about. I realized that we had passed the 5 minute mark, I missed the slot to go in, and I had agreed to be there. I started to panic, got real quiet first while my gf was still going on. In my memory it sounded like she was getting louder and more intense, but that could just be my perception. I'm not sure. I remember I started to panic, got real scared, I started thinking she was going to start attacking me. What happened next is sort of a blur but I know I bit my hand until it was bleeding pretty profusely.

I remember hearing her go on and on and feeling like I it was too loud to think, even though she wasn't particularly loud. I definitely remember the feeling of fear. Other things that happened is I was dizzy and weak for about the next hour or so, and I got nautious as well. Not sure what else to say about this. I know it may just sound like bitching to some of you, but I really would like to know if anyone else has had this experience. It's happened to me several times and usually what pulls me out of it is self-inflicted pain. For instance, last night I was able to focus on the pain in my hand and it kind of brought a calm back to me.


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