I have never used a post website before, but I guess there's a first time for everything. My boyfriend is a survivor and then was sexually compulsive and cheated on me numerous times (Gosh, I never thought I would be writing those words) at the beginning of our relationship - it was like he was living a double life - times 10. He is not doing these behaviors any more (to my knowledge - it sucks I have to qualify like this - I feel like everyone's like - yeah right girl, you're such a fool, that's what you think...), is in specialized therapy, we went to the conference last weekend, and are beginning couples therapy. I am a psychologically healthy person - I am not some crazy dependent woman who is driven to dysfunction - I am staying with him ONLY because he is making tangible changes in his life for all to see. I care for him and try to support him but am having trouble with the resentment I feel for him betraying me and lying to me in the past. I care for and want to move foward with him, but want to get through the memories and the pain. Suggestions? I have seen so many negative postings - I know people usually only post when they are upset, but it seems like maybe I'm consigning myself to a life of pain.