I saw some other attendees had posted...wanted to share my own thoughts...this is long, so I appreciate your indulgence.

Definitely, next to my WoR in Alta this year, this was the best thing I have done for my recovery.

Having my partner want to attend with me was very helpful for us as a couple...and having one of my buddies that I bonded with in Alta stay with us made the whole conference much easier to manage from a support point of view.

I sent some feed back to one of our Alta facilitators on how to help all the survivors at the conference feel safe and supported, because we definitely had a few loners that were having a tough time.

Thursday I attended the pre-conference institute on why gay men have trouble making and keeping long term realtionships (friends or lovers). Interestingly, I did not grow up a gay kid...I think because I was abused at an early age...my buddy from Alta thinks he did not realize he was abused because he was gay...paradox indeed...yet the results were exactly the same in terms of "post traumatic stress" for our adult lives...also made me very present to my "absent parents"

Friday's conference sessions were good, but tough...and with my little support group with me, I was able to weather it...but the support was key to post process from the various sessions...one good thing was they scheduled 30 minutes break between every session that allowed for post processing...I was very impressed with the wide range of work and approaches to dealing with our issues.

One thing that I was really present to was that I don't need to know much about you, other than you are a survivor too, to know that you are my brother...and that if and when you need someone all you need to do is reach out to anyone of us brothers. I think we all struggle with reaching out...if you are thinking you need to talk or you are thinking you want to talk, then don't sit around and think of all the reasons not to, just pick up the phone or get on the board.

Saturday I attended a session on defeating your inner mugger...that was good on a lot of levels after how heavy Friday had been. Paul Linden provided some awesome insight into how body awareness can change your whole attitude and give you a good foundation for dealing with the world.

I left NY with a lot on my mind...and a new listening that really surprised me...I was hearing my partner differently, and I was hearing others differently...I have relied on my support network to help me get through the post processing, AND my partner has made some fantastic breakthoughs at really understanding what is going on with me, which will only serve to strengthen our relationship.

Thanks to Josh, Thom, Gregg and Sam for being part of my support network at the conference; and particularly to Josh and Thom for support since we got home.


I found my little boy at Alta 2007...I spoke the unspeakable shame at Sequoia 2008...I learned to flounder at Alta 2009

What breakthrough can YOU have at a Weekend of Recovery?

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