Hi All,
I just wanted to say what an amazing, inspiring, and often moving weekend I had at the conference this weekend. I had a healing time in the workshops I attended. Martin Moran's play The Tricky Part
had me sobbing in heaves. His story so closely mirrors my own. I wanted to stay for the talkback afterward, but honestly was too broken up. The international panel that convened on Sunday was also incredible. It was great to see Mike Lew and to hear from his colleagues around the world. This work is so important and we have so much more to do. I was especially move by Max Clarke from Australia who was so overtaken by emotion he could barely speak. He's been working with us survivors for a very long time, and still he is moved beyond words when he speaks of the courage of the men he's worked with. To see him, and all the other, bear witness to our struggle was so, so profound and healing. And a very special thank you to Tricia Massa for pulling it all together. She is a SAINT. Thank you to everyone at Male Survivor. In the words of Mike Lew, may we all "take exquisite care of ourselves".