just admitted prolonged abuse to my father and sister.
will have to tell my mother, too.
since this is going to have implications, i.e. tearing a lot of my family apart, i keep feeling like i have to convince everyone.

i dont question whether or not the abuse occured, i know it did. but when i was talking to my father and to my sister, i felt the need to provide proofs or incidents. i dont know how to deal with this because the memories have only now started coming back to me in the past year. i'm now 23.

i know it's common for memories to stay repressed, and it seems like this is about the age when they start coming to light. However, i'm a very logical and critically thinking person and would have a hard time taking someone's word on anything.

i just needed to post something on here, where i probably won't be criticized, and if anyone has advice please give it openly.