I have been sexually abused as a child, by two different perps, my Mom left me when I needed her, my brother mocked and laughed at me when I disclosed the abuse to him. He laughed at a 9yo boy that was trying to ask for help after being molested. I had a father that didn't do anything about another sexual abuse incident that happened when I was 10 or 11. My brother Rick, who was 19 at the time, knew of the abuse and didn't tell my parents either. There is more but, my point is, I went through some major betrayals, all of which happened when I was very young and powerless.

And I never cried about it. Am I supposed to? Am I hindering my recovery by hiding behind this force-field?

I often here you guys say that you're "crying while I'm typing this" and "I cried after I read your post". Well, I would like to know how you do it. Why? Well, not much has really helped me feel better about myself, so I got to thinking. What if I was in a state that allowed me to cry for that cool 9yo kid that was betrayed by so many people in his life?

Am I missing out in my recovery? Do I need to cry?