Can non-survivors spot survivors? Can survivors spot other survivors? How?

I was wondering this for a couple of months. Let me tell you why - When my wife and I went to Scottsdale AZ so I could attend a one week intensive program for survivors we stayed at her parents winter house in Gilbert. Her parents neighbor, Florence, came over to meet us one evening. We visited very briefly and as usual I made myself very scarce and left most of the visiting to my wife. The next day Florence came back over and asked for me, she said she had something she wanted to give me. When I came out she handed me a small clay tablet about the size of a domino. It was a relief of the seated Buddha. She said it was very old (she later told us she has an antique business) and had been blessed by the Dali Lama. I said "Thank You" and pretty much left it at that - I hate to get gifts.

Later, when my wife told my mother in law the story, my mother in law said that Florence had been raped by her father repeatedly when she was a young girl and she did not disclose until she has in her late thirties or early forties and it had nearly ruined her life. I was at first upset that someone told her my history (as I have always told them it is not their story to divulge, never). However, my wife and her mother swear they never told Florence about my history.

Well, I sat and visited with Florence several times during my stay. I did tell her my story and we both cried together many times. I never asked how she knew, but she knew.

I keep the small, fragile clay tile in my office with me.

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I bid you Peace.


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