Ya know what I find interesting, is that I was raised son of a very conservative Baptist minister. We were NEVER told masturbating was a sin. As mentioned, lust was always the problem. So, if you were told M was a sin, it was not universal to the Christian faith. I know Catholics still have a hard time with it (HA - pun intended) but

I think this is more victorian ethos oozing into religious discomfort. Even the puritans were very comfortable with their sexuality in the bonds of marriage - (the Scarlet Letter was not a documentary and it dealt with hypocrisy and adultery anyway) But as we tell students, as long as you are not substituting relationsips and normal activities for masturbating, you are normal and healthy. I think there will be periods we all go through where we need to relieve the pressure physically even several times a day. But in my mind, better to do that, than let a horny thought become real behavior.
On the other hand, nice to save it for the wife too...hmmm...it's saturday....