ok before i post this i want to make it clear that i am NOT some pot head kid.

however over the summer i tried pot several times and once a few weeks ago.

I really enjoyed it i was able to relax a little bit more than usual i didnt flinch when people touched me, i was calm, i just felt good.

I know its not a good idea to use drugs to try and fix our problems and im not. but is it wrong for me to do it so long as im not using it as a cure for my problems?

the reason i ask is because i told a friend who i am very close to but she is very conservative in her beliefs and she flipped out she was really disappointed in me. i didnt see it as being that big of a deal and was planning on doing it again. now im not sure. how serious is it?

again i want to stress that i know its side effects i have heard all the statistics about it so i know its not healthy.

I also understand the legal issues with it

but in reality am i really doing any life threatening harm or is this ok for me to do every once in a while?

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