We that see therapist every week or so want really good help for the money that they get in the long run for seeing us for 50 minites!!!!!! But there seems to be a problem here!!! If your Therapist is a good Male SA person...why wouldn't he want to join NOMSV ??????? Now the Prez said that he gets only a few patents from NOMSV a year...not like it's a hassel or something! If a therapist is out to help SA males...why not join NOMSV...mine will not after being told to by me for 6 months??????? Why not join...there is only 2 in the whole state of Maryland that belong to NOMSV...only about 25 millon people here...one is luckily 5 miles away from me...but he shut down his web page? EVERYONE...should ask their therapist to join NOMSV...600 members and so few therapist ?????????


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