I been having such a little communication with my husband since all this started almost 4 months a go....
a month a go we talked about divorce I'm always been the supportived wife so I told him to bring it on if that's whAt he wanted .. all I wanted was his happiness ... a month later I have not see him or the divorce papers... every couple of days we talk about how is the weather because we dont talk about anything really personal so weird.. my husband of 12 years and now we have nothibg to say ????

I send him an e-mail the other day letting him know that somebody loves him and his reply was THANK YOU ... ok I guess it's better then no responce = )

today he send me a test message saying ...hope ypu are doing good so I reply

Well I miss my husband, friend and partner but I'm breathing so I'm doing ok... i asked him how he was doing...
he did not reply.... it's this to much for him to deal with ?

it's it better for me to just ignored and just talk nothing or bring him to the reality no I'm not ok...

which aproched will help him, to deal with wherever his daling with ?

1- I'm ok ... Im going on with life
2- I'm ok ... Missing you and making my self go on with life
3- I'm not ok... this is crazy and it's taking the best of me
4- i'm not ok ... what are you doing ???

and go on and so forth we all know the question.

I been undestanding never mad ... it's this a mistake i'm making