Wow. I stay away a while, and so much has transpired while I was gone!

I have to admit to being shocked that shadow was a fake.
The firefighter however, was no surprise to me. Many of his posts went way beyond being credible, at least to me anyway. I still find it hard to understand why anyone would do such a thing.

I have not done much healing in the past two weeks. If anything, I've been working on those two steps backwards that seem to go with the one step forward.

The wife and I are still in the same house, but we are far from together right now. We have hardly spoken in the past three days. She has a horrible cold, and looks so miserable anyway, I have not pressed the issue of what we are going to do to either stay together, or end it and go our own ways.

I feel like she has totally given up on any hope that we can ever be better, or at least any hope that I will ever be better. She is not willing to look at anything she does as being wrong, or that her behavior contributes to the problems we have. As far as she is concerned, she is fine, I'm the one with problems.

I've been paranoid getting on here lately since I have to do so at work. I have my own laptop, so I don't worry about anyone tracking me but the thought that someone might get a glimpse of my screen name, and google it, really hit me. I have vowed to be more careful about being here when ever anyone else is in my work area. Some days are like grand central station, then days like today when I'm here totally alone for a few hours.

I hope everyone is doing as well as they can, I miss being here as much as I used to, but for now, I'm just going to be a little more careful.

Best wishes and warmest regards,

I'm here for a reason. Failure is not an option.