i just want to say something about the recent allegations concerning some people on the ms site - that they were fakes, or aliases, whatever. i'm not a registered member so i don't know what's being discussed on the members' side; maybe this has already been said if so, i apologize for repeating it but i want to say something.

i've tried very hard most of my life to never give up on people; to believe in someone until everything points to why i shouldn't, to always give the benefit of the doubt. i have many friends in my life that are actually contrary to my personal politics because i'm just that kind of person, or try to be.

when i heard about some of these individuals, one in particular, my first gut reaction was no way, uh uh. my next reaction was to stand by that person no matter what and believe them no matter what, if that was the case; it was the moral thing to do.

thinking some more i realized what i was doing - of all the stories told about how a survivor said no one wanted to believe his father/friend/uncle/grandfather/mother/sister et al., was capable of hurting a child - or that little johnny, or sue, had been vicitimized - because they didn't believe he or she was capable of that, that they knew better.

to all survivors on this site, i'm sorry for this - i hope we can all learn from this - for some of us, it's just our nature to believe in our friends, in people, not to want to believe the worst of them. it's not that we don't want to believe something terrible happened, we just don't want it to have happened, is all. yes, it does crash our world, and no one wants that, no one.

i will trust the moderators to let us know what happens and if it is decided that indeed, someone was doing what they shouldn't have been, and hurt could have come from it, i will accept that decision. i do hope for a positive outcome, and i hope the people i knew and trusted are not in any way trying to hurt someone, anyone, but again, i will hold off judgment until all the facts are in and then let the chips fall where they may.

i think it's the least i can do.

all the best,

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