Well yesterday i managed to get the nerve up to ring for an appointment at my new dotor.
I was very nervous and extremely paranoid about going to see him. I very nearly did not go, but someone on here, who i was speaking to in chat gave me the courage to keep the interveiw. I sat in his office and tried to explain what i was going through, the doctor was very supportive and he seemed to understand how i felt.
He took his time to explain everything and i started to feel ok with him. This is weird because i have always hated doctors and never trusted one before.
The doctor has signed me off for a month with depression and started me on a course of Mirtazapine tablets. He has also put me to be refered to a shrink who deals with adults who have been through csa.
Im also meeting larry (roadrunner) today, we have talked on the phone a few times and he has helped me more than i can say.
There is also many people on this site who have put up with me and are still helping me.
I have major issues with trust, so when the problems blew up on this site with frauds, i was going to run and never come back to this site.
But several people here showed me that i can trust others and they have helped me get to were i am today. So i would like to say thankyou to all of you, and hope you can put up with me.