ok, so i had my "initial intake" with a new T last night. we had interviewed on the phone and determined that last night was a good time to meet.

the meeting went really well (surprise) and he asked if i wanted to go ahead and start - have my first full session. YES! finally someone i connected with that had experience dealing with male survivors of CSA, dealing with my extreme anger/rage issues, etc etc etc. AND they have a sliding scale so i can afford it without insurance!

so as we're wrapping up (90 minutes later), he tells me (by the way) he's going to be out of town next week, so we can't meet for two weeks. well, the two week date puts it on my birthday - now that in itself isn't anything major except my family would really like to spend the full evening with me. (imagine that)

so two and a half weeks from now i'll get to continue.

and the more i sit here, the angrier i get. he knew what his schedule was like, shouldn't he have said he wouldn't be available for two weeks BEFORE WE FLIPPIN STARTED THIS?????

or am i overly sensitive? maybe i shouldn't feel rejected, used, and tossed aside again....

right now i dunno if i should go back in two and a half weeks or just give up on this whole stupid, useless idea of therapy.